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Like most of you, Coach TJ is a working athlete.  He understands the demands of balancing the real world with multisport endeavors.  He wants you to have fun, and get faster doing it.

Coach TJ believes in the premise that individuals of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can reach their goals, whatever they might be athletic and otherwise. His enthusiasm for triathlon coaching and competition comes from not only the thrill of race day, but also the qualities the sport fosters: dedication and commitment to a goal, appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, support for others, as well as an opportunity to travel and meet new people!  He works with you, and your real-life schedule to develop monthly and annual plans for age group athletes, from novice to iron distance veterans looking to maximize their training time.

Endurance sports unquestionably build character, particularly in those whose athletic ambitions had once laid dormant. To willingly push through discomfort for the sake of a goal be it a specific time or to finish creates a mindset of confidence that bleeds into all aspects of life.

As an athlete, TJ has been involved competitive swimmer since 1978, and completed in his first multisport event in 1987.  He currently is training to race long course triathlons, half and full-marathons, as well as cycling time trials.  Additionally, this year, Coach TJ is hoping to race Swim the Suck 10 mile, and Big Shoulders US Masters Swimming open water races.

Coach TJ Tryon can be contacted via the following methods:
tj@coachtj.com | Facebook | Twitter: @tjtryon | 317.774.8762

Coach TJ maintains relationships with many in the industry, including:
T3 Multisport | Gu Energy | Torhans | Xterra Wetsuits (discount code: CO-TJTRY) | Karbon Speed (discount code: COACHTJ) | Uvex Helmets