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Open Water Swim/Multisport Coaching

Need to be comfortable in the water? Want to be a faster swimmer? Do you want to train in open water? Now you are in luck! Coach TJ Tryon is one of the nations premier open water swim coaches. With multiple types of instruction and coaching, one can find any format to fit their needs. Coach TJ offers everything from individual swim or stroke development lessons to on deck coaching in the pool. He regularly holds open water swim camps on the north east side of Indianapolis, as well as destination swim camps along the gulf coast area. He has coached everyone from Ironman distance athletes, to the beginner sprint triathlete. He understands the demands of balancing the real world with multisport endeavors. He wants you to have fun, and get faster doing it.

If you are looking for a world leading coach to assist you then contact Coach TJ. Places are available at various times through out the year. Level of ability is not a concern, he is happy to assist any athlete so long as they are enthusiastic about their sport and committed to getting the best from the time they can apply to it.

Endurance sports unquestionably build character, particularly in those whose athletic ambitions had once laid dormant. To willingly push through discomfort for the sake of a goal ? be it a specific time or to finish ? creates a mindset of confidence that bleeds into all aspects of life. Contact Coach TJ today and start on your journey of self discovery!