Life is not a spectator sport!

“Like those in the valley behind us, most people stand in sight of the spiritual mountains all their lives and never enter them, being content to listen to others who have been there and thus avoid the hardships.”

– From Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Don’t be content to just listen […]

Rotation is the key to open water breathing

One of the biggest problems I witness with group open water swims is in breathing. Athletes will swim very “flat”, with no real rotation, and then they struggle with breathing – they have to force the breath. When they do so, they don’t get a solid breath, or most importantly, don’t rotate on their long […]

Critical Pieces of Advice

I was recently asked, “As a coach and mentor for athletes, in helping them be successful in this sport, what is the most critical pieces of advice you would give them?” Here’s my answer:

We should be pretty established in our careers, and should know how to balance work/family. Throwing a hobby as intensive as […]

Do I really need a wetsuit?

The following was borrowed from the XTERRA Wetsuit website, and it does a very good job of answering the question, “Why do I need/want a wetsuit?”

We have all seen the hordes of athletes gathered at the banks of a lake in the early morning for a swim start, and in the ranks of swimmers […]

Open Water means Cold Water in early season!

This past Saturday, the Prairie Creek water temperature was hovering between frigid and frozen. I saw several people hit the water completely unprepared for the shock this would put their body in, and I did see several athletes panic, when the mammalian dive reflex kicked into full gear, robbing them of their ability to breathe […]

Shin Splint Misery - Part 1

OK, OK, OK, I give up! It appears that I have shin splints. This is just crazy talk, as I don’t even believe in shin splints! I’m so not happy, a week post-Carmel Half-Marathon, and a week pre-500 Mini-Marathon, I have found myself struggling to be able to run a couple miles without crippling pain. […]

Replace your bike’s brake pads in 5 minutes for safe stopping!

It’s spring! It’s time to put that dusty bike off your bike trainer or out of the garage, perform some maintenance, and start racking up the “outside” miles. One of the common maintenance items is to replace the brake pads every year, or when switching from your aluminum wheels to your carbon wheels. I know […]

Donkey in the Well

Many of you may have heard this story, but I was thinking of it recently and wanted to share this time old tale as a reminder for us to “take a step up”, with your family, in your life, your career, in your training, in your attitude, and in all you do! Life is not […]

Surviving a Pool Swim Triathlon

The Location: Carmel Sprint Triathlon this coming weekend

Race Announcer: “This is a RACE. If you catch the person swimming in front of you, tap their toes and pass at the wall. If someone touches your toes, let them pass. I can promise you that if you don’t let them pass, they will swim over […]

Four Things to Do to Your Wetsuit Before Your First Swim

Whether you are dusting off a 5-year old wetsuit for another Tri season, or have purchased a new one that just arrived in the mail, there are four things every racer should do to their wetsuit prior to a new season. Following these simple steps takes just a little time but can extend the life […]